We are couple and family therapists working with individuals, couples, and families alike. Our approach to treatment is strength-based, meaning that we believe every client has the ability to create change for her/him/themself. Thus, our roles as therapists is to create a safe, collaborative, and nonjudgmental space in which our clients are supported and empowered to embark on a journey towards changing their lives for the better.


Whether you are being proactive with your mental health or have reached your breaking point, Shades of Therapy is here. We will work along side you providing insight, tools, and a safe space to empower you to take steps toward living your best life again.

50 minute session - $100 


At Shades of Therapy, we recognize that even when two people care deeply about one another the stressors of life, past traumas, infidelity, or life transitions can make expressing that care challenging. Couples therapy assists individuals in showing up as their best selves while enhancing the couple dynamic.

50 minute session- $125


Parenting and raising healthy, happy children is an eloquent dance with no one-size-fits-all instruction manual. Thus, having some support along the way can ease some of that stress or anxiety. At Shades of Therapy, we work with families of all sizes, shapes, and colors to achieve just that.

50 minute session- $125

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